Good morning friends, family and fellow Realtors,

This morning, as I write this, the house is quiet. I am the only soul awake. The smell of coffee fills the first floor of the house as I slowly cook bacon on the grill. As the rest of the house awakens, they will be greeted by a feast of pancakes, bacon and, eggs. All cooked and served outside (it really does change the flavor). 

These little moments are the moments that we all work for. They are the moments that make everything that we go through to provide for our families, worthwhile. And, it is my hope that today, you find your little moments to cherish those you love. To pamper them and yourself a little. 

As the days, weeks, and years go by, these are the moments that can never be recovered. Once lost, they are gone forever. 

We often talk about living a balanced life. One in which our work life, co-exist with our home life. That my friends is a myth. And, today is the day that we should dispell if forever. 

The truth is that in the perfect world, we lead lives that are consistently out of balance. When we are at work, we should be focusing on our work. And, the intrusions from the other side, should be few and, brief. Except in cases of emergency. The same is true on the home front. When we are at home, sharing our time and, creating special moments, the intrusions from work, should be few, and brief, also except in the cases of emergencies. 

You see, leading a life that is out of balance simply means that you are present in the moment. There, for those with whom you are engaged at that time. You must respect and treasure these moments. Because once lost, they are forever gone. 

So for each of you, I hope that you find that sense of being continually out of balance. Because, when you do, it will add value to both sides of your being. 

Proud to be in relationship with you.



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