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Lessons of 911

Today (September 11, 2011) as I write this I am preparing to board a plane bound for Hawaii. Part vacation and part work this trip in and of itself is a statement to those who would bring America to her knees if they could. We as a country have never settled for defeat. And, I pray we never will. Ten years after the last plane fell from the sky. Ten years from the time the last tower fell. Ten years from the time the last hero breathed his (or her) last breath. We continue to remember those who we lost, and those who were saved. As I await takeoff I cannot get enough of the television coverage marking this historic date in a most appropriate manner. And, front and center in the celebration is arguably the most famous piece of real estate in America, Ground Zero. Ten years ago almost to the minute this hallowed ground having just seen her twin monuments to capitalism fall, and the land now intrinsically holding little value.  In the world of commercial development the value of land is of…