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Happy Mothers Day

For most of the past eight years I have spent a great portion of my time studying leadership. And what I have discovered is that leadership is not about position or title. While someone with position may consider themselves a leader, a true leader needs no title to lead. People volunteer to follow a true leader. Leadership is about influence. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Leaders empower us to be better. They lift us up. Leaders give credit to others. Leaders inspire us. 
And, in a world where true leaders are few and far between, today we celebrate those who at their best are among the finest leaders the world has ever known, our mothers.
From our very first breath, our mothers encouraged us. They inspired us. They empowered us. 
When we fell, instead of letting us lay there in a world of self pity, the picked us up, dusted us off and encouraged us to try again. Always marking each success no matter how minimal or great, with words of praise and encouragement. 
If it is true that lead…