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Buyers Need Representation Too!

Last week we explored the value for the seller of working hand in hand with a REALTOR®. Today we need to delve into the much misunderstood relationship between a buyer and his or her agent. It is this relationship above all others that is at the heart of who we are and what we do for the consumer. First let me tell you of the very real, very common scenario. One that replays itself each and every day. A buyer decides to begin the process of looking for a home. Usually they will start out either searching on the internet, or driving neighborhoods looking for homes that address their needs. When they see a listing that interest them, they call the listing agent and ask for a showing. This is their first mistake. You see the listing agent already has a relationship with the seller. And it is to their mutual benefit to see that you pay the highest price possible for the home that you covet. While this is in no way unethical, it is a reality. And, because of the obligation that the listing age…