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Purchase Price V Interest Rate

Today's buyer is facing a conundrum of epic proportions. It is obvious to most that in many areas of Southern California, prices have flattened out. Luxury sales have slowed dramatically. And, all indicators are that sometime in the near future, we will see a slight adjustment in home values.

For that reason, many buyers are thinking that the wise move would be to hold off their purchase. And, most likely get the home they want for less money. And, it is true that historically this would have been a good strategy to employ. Today, I am not so sure.

In fact, I am telling my friends and family that today, may be the very best time to buy. That there may not be better time to purchase in their lifetime. Let me explain.

While it is true that home values are at near record highs for most of the South-land. It is also true that interest rates are still in the high three percent range for a thirty year fixed rate mortgage. And while property values may drop slightly sometime in the next …