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Twenty two years ago, I lost someone who held near and dear to my heart. She left me for greener pastures. It seems that the promise of new found wealth, a bigger home. And, a stage suitable for mega rock stars was more attractive to her then my life long commitment, devotion, and adoration ever would be.

When she left, I was devastated. I vowed to never love her again. When her name was mentioned, I turned a deaf ear. She was dead to me. I must admit that in her absence, I sought the comfort that I had come to know with her from others. And while these dalliances were pleasant. They were not the same.

About a year ago, I started hearing rumors that she might in fact be coming back. I feigned a lack a lack of interest. But, deep inside my heart was beating with anticipation, that once again we might be reunited.

Finally rumor became fact and I was faced with a real dilemma. Should I remain faithful to the one who had provided me a secure, loving relationship. One in which I had found …