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It should be obvious to you by now that sometimes coming up with original content week after week can be a challenge. In fact one that from time to time I suffer to achieve. However, from time to time my articles write themselves (actually the topic hits me between the eyes and says here I am dummy run with it).
This week is one of those weeks. Twice in the past two days I had agents come to me and ask for advice. Both of them represent well qualified buyers and they are having a difficult time getting offers accepted. Now forgive me please as I am about to share an I told you so moment. For the past year, I have spent a preponderance of this column encouraging buyers to get off the fence and buy while we were still in a buyer’s market. I predicted over and over again that we would soon be in a seller’s market. And that a golden opportunity might soon be lost.
Buyers (as I have often said) never buy in a buyer’s market. Instead they wait for the shift to a seller’s market to signal th…