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Drunk Monkey's

Recently I spent the weekend in Long Beach watching my fiancĂ©  run her first marathon. For the record, she was amazing. Finishing the 13.1 mile trek in a scant  two hours and forty six minutes. This of itself is noteworthy and should be proclaimed for all to read in a publication such as the press enterprise. However, while I am very proud of her effort, I am actually writing for a completely different reason.
For the two weeks leading up to this event, she was filled with self-doubt. Was she ready for this challenge? Did she train as effectively as she could have? Would it be too hot or too cold? Would she be able to go the distance which was 3 miles farther then she had previously run?
And as we discussed her concerns (call me silly) I actually started thinking of all the insecurities that buyers have to overcome in order to create a mindset conducive to buying. Is this the right house? What about the neighborhood…Will my family be safe? Are the schools going to offer my child the be…