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Why CRMLS Created the It's My Business Campaign


A Secret That Should Not Be Kept

For most of my career Real Estate Professionals have been locked out of certain market areas. My first experience with this was when a neighboring association left our local MLS to join another MLS provider. Agents in our association no longer had access to the data from the community on our Eastern Borders. Likewise, their agents could not access ours.

To be perfectly blunt it was a catastrophe. And, it had nothing to do with the technology. It simply was a matter of politics. It soon became apparent that for the good of the membership we had to change MLS providers and do so quickly.

Today we are at a similar crossroad. Many local MLS providers have elected to prevent access to their data to anyone who is not a subscriber to their services. Set aside for a moment that this might just walk, talk and smell like a violation of our Code of Ethics ("Cooperate With Other Brokers"). This also does a disservice to the general public. Let me explain. Say that I am a seller in the c…