Statewide MLS Is Long Overdue!

This past week an old acquaintance (one I had thought had long since perished) walked back into my life. I must admit that I was not so happy to see him again. To be clear, it is not a person. It is the multiple MLS requirement foisted upon us so that we can merely conduct our business. 

I live in Chatsworth (LA County) Right on the border of Simi Valley (Ventura County). My stepson, needed me to rent out his home for him. And, because the data sharing infrastructure we have come to enjoy and rely on is now fractured, I could not represent him properly without joining the neighboring MLS at an astounding cost of over $600 just for the initiation fee!

To be clear, I understand the value of competition in relationship to keeping cost down. But, if they accomplished nothing else, CARETS proved that sharing data empowered the local MLS operators to offer more to their clients. This step away from data sharing by this (and other associations), is a major step backwards. 

I know that one post will not change the world. However, if you agree that REALTOR Members should share all of their data with the greater REALTOR community, Please share this post on your page. Until the public understands that failure to share data exposes them and their homes to fewer people and protects only the data provider not the consumer, this trend is likely to continue.