It Is Not The Size Of The Dog In The Fight...

Those of you who work with me know that it is my passion every Wednesday to go out on caravan. This not only allows me to see some of the most amazing houses the state has ever seen. It also allows me to interact with some amazingly talented agents. These meetings provide the seeds of familiarity. Which are the foundation on which relationships are built.

Today I ran across an agent with whom I have enjoyed a casual relationship with for the past couple of years. His company has been in this market place for more then 30 years. Ours just six. His has dominant market share. Ours has good market share.

He was just leaving a nearly 10 million dollar listing. I was just entering. And as we passed each other on the walkway I said hi and addressed him by name. He in return asked why I was there. And, stated that this was not a KW type of listing. My immediate response was "why would say that"?

At this point he obviously understood that I did not take his comment well. He stuttered for a moment. Then he said it is too big! He continued, too big for all of us. And, we parted ways.

There is a saying "It is not the size of the dog in the fight that counts, It is the size of the fight in the dog" 

Now if you will allow me I must digress for just a minute. Earlier in my life I had two dogs. One was a 75 pound Shepard Chow mix. The other was a 5 pound Chihuahua Wiener Dog mix. That little Chi-wienie ruled the roost. She had the best seat in the house. Ate first. In short, she ran the big dog ragged. 

But, lets be clear. The big dog was not afraid of the little dog. The big dog respected her commitment to her goals and objectives. And, was not about to test her resolve.

So now back to today. What this told me was this. First, this big dog is not afraid of us. Thats  a good thing. Competitors should not fear each other. The truth is if we are doing what we need to do, it almost doesn't matter what they do. 

Second, they do not respect us or our resolve. And, that could be their biggest mistake. Because, today we are implementing strategies that will propel us through the impending SHIFT. These strategies will lead to a stronger market center. A healthier agent base. And a greater market share. Their lack of respect is an indication that they do not see us as a worthy competitor. They will never see us coming until we pass them.  

Embrace this shifting market. I promise it will be full of opportunities for those who keep their focus.