Drunk Monkey's

Recently I spent the weekend in Long Beach watching my fiancé  run her first marathon. For the record, she was amazing. Finishing the 13.1 mile trek in a scant  two hours and forty six minutes.
This of itself is noteworthy and should be proclaimed for all to read in a publication such as the press enterprise. However, while I am very proud of her effort, I am actually writing for a completely different reason.

For the two weeks leading up to this event, she was filled with self-doubt. Was she ready for this challenge? Did she train as effectively as she could have? Would it be too hot or too cold? Would she be able to go the distance which was 3 miles farther then she had previously run?

And as we discussed her concerns (call me silly) I actually started thinking of all the insecurities that buyers have to overcome in order to create a mindset conducive to buying.
Is this the right house? What about the neighborhood…Will my family be safe? Are the schools going to offer my child the best opportunity at a quality education? Can I buy the house cheaper by waiting a little longer? Should I even be considering purchasing today?

I think you get the picture? Here’s the thing. There are always these emotional hurdles that buyers have to go through in order to position themselves mentally to purchase. The typical buyer finds a house that they love beyond question. And then the drunk monkey on their shoulder starts talking to them.
And, boy does he talk. He ask are you sure? Did you see that spot on the wall? What does that mean? Is the house safe? The lawn is dying, is there a major problem with the soil? The faucet is leaking; do you think the plumbing is shot?

Here is the thing. I tell my agents all the time. If you want to do more business, quit talking to other REALTORS®. They will only give you reasons why you cannot succeed. It is the same with buyers. If you ask ten people if today is a good time to buy. You will have spoken to at least nine who either lost their home. Or, are so far upside down that they will not see sunlight for many years to come.

These are not the people you should be talking to. Talk first and foremost to your accountant, second, talk to your lender. And, finally make sure that you look within yourself to determine your reasons for buying.
Owning a home is without question a key component in a secure financial future. Today, in most areas you can purchase a home for less then you could build it. And, that is unprecedented in our lifetime.
The truth is that buying a home is very much like deciding to get married or have children. The timing is never going to be perfect (on that you can rely). But, doing so can  be the most rewarding decision that you make in your lifetime.

Today, interest rates are at record low rates. Tomorrow is anyone’s guess. But smart money is betting that interest rates cannot stay this low much longer.

Today (as I said) you can purchase for less than you can build, once again I would not guess that this will be true in the near future. And, you should not bet your future on things remaining as affordable as they are today.

So please, take my advice. If you are considering purchasing, talk to your accountant to make sure it makes sense for you. Then speak with your lender to make sure that you get the best rates offered today. And finally, select a REALTOR® who understands the neighborhood and housing requirements that you need in order to feel comfortable with your purchase.

And finally, go shopping. The selection is amazing. We are truly in unique times. But don’t delay because as is always the case, this market will change to a seller’s market before you know it.
So take a deep breath, and go out there and buy something.